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Cargo Insurance Risk Coverage*   You Ship, We Insure - Domestic & International
What is Cargo Insurance?

Cargo Insurance covers loss and/or damage during the movement of cargo in international or domestic trade. Goods may be transported by sea, air or land. Policies and coverage are tailored to clients' needs.

There are 2 main coverage types to choose from:

1. Total Loss Coverage
- Overturning or other accident to the truck, train, boat or plane.

- Collision                                        - Earthquakes
- Derailment                                     - Floods
- Fire                                               - Floods
- Sprinkler leakage                           - Collapse of dock

- Lightning                                        - Jettison
- Cyclones                                       - Stranding
- Hurricanes                                     - Sinking
2. All Risk Coverage
Goods being shipped are insured for a total loss/total damage to the entire shipment resulting from any of the following risks during transit:
Goods being shipped are insured against All Risks of physical loss or damage (partial & total loss) resulting from any external cause while in transit (door to door); including extended coverage for Loading and Unloading, War, Strikes, Riots, Civil commotions, Duty, Theft and Non-delivery of any portion of the shipment (individual items and/or the entire shipment). Subject to the Standard terms and any applicable special commodity terms and deductible listed below.

This is the Broadest All Risk coverage available anywhere, subject to very few exclusions which are standard in every cargo policy and considered to be rare; such as terrorism, nuclear events, radioactive contamination, delay in transit, improper/unsuitable packaging and willful misconduct by the insured. For full details of coverage, please view the Standard Terms listed below.
This coverage is available for All Goods and all conditions: Used, New and Reconditioned. No packaging requirements. Owner packed goods are accepted.

We also arrange to provide security customs bond for single entry or full year validity

Additional insurances are available for -

1. Single Entry Customs bond                                             5. Continuous Customs bond
2. FDA Rejection coverage                                                 6. FOB coverage
3. In-Transit storage coverage                                            7. Exhibition/Exposition/Shows/Carnet etc.
4. Carnet Insurance bond
*We are not an insurance company or an underwriter. We arrange the cargo insurance coverage thru an authorized agent.
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