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Freight Forwarding
Shipper's in domestic or international commerce find us an integral part to their shipping needs.

We, as being a licensed Freight Forwarder for Domestic (DOT) & International (FMC & IATA) shipping, not only act on behalf of them in arranging transportation services but also facilitate documentation & other related services required by them to complete their sales transaction.

Regardless of Export, Import or within USA move, we are familiar with rules & regulations of countries, their customs, methods of shipping, INCO terms and documents connected to foreign trade & bankers.
Freight Forwarding Services:

We have departments handling various aspects in shipping & moving of cargo and provide free quotation on-
Port Charges
Freight Charges
Consular Fees
Customs Expedition Fees
Insurance Fees
Freight Forward's Fees
Cost of documentation for Ports (Dock Receipt, Delivery Order), Carriers (Bill of Lading, Air Waybill), Banks
(Letter of Credit, Sight Draft), Commodities (Perishable, Hazardous, Return/Rejections, Autos/Vehicles) etc.

1. Carnet preparation fee
2. Certificate of Origin fee

With our prompt response and proper breakdown of charges for shipping by Air, Land, Rail or Sea, the shippers
benefit in preparation of an accurate price quotation to their customers. At the shipper's request, we make the
actual arrangements and provide the necessary services for expediting the shipment to its destination as their
authorized agent. This can include:
: Booking space with the carrier
: Completing export/import documentation
: Arranging for cargo insurance
: Advising on foreign import regulations
: Providing guidance on packaging, marking, and labeling
: Arranging for products to be packed and containerized at the exporter's request
: Export clearance
: Transloading arrangement
: TransBoarder shipping arrangement
: Temporary import of cargo arrangement
: Cross-Trade shipping arrangement

In addition to above, we are also freight consolidators and benefit shippers in lower their cost of
shipping by-

: suggesting available choices & methods of transportation (by Air, Sea, Land or Rail)
: consolidating their shipments
: negotiating better lower shipping rates from the carriers
: suggest options for faster transit carriers
: solutions to meet their client's expectation to meet deadlines
: passing the discounts available from the carriers due to our high volume with them
: transloading cargo
: Cross-Trade Shipping

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