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International Freight
Air & Sea Freight services are available to any destination in the world. AIR & SEAS is one of the few leading transporting company in USA & EU who can provide all the services in the Air or Sea Freight industry.

We can be used either as an agent of any carrier serving the destination you are shipping to or utilizing us as a carriers to avail discounts available due to our volume of shipments with carriers or by utilizing our consolidation service.

Any Size/Weight of shipment, from Door to Port, Port to Door, Door to Door Flexible but Reliable with Low Rates and Faster Transit Pickup/Delivery are available From/To - Business, Exhibition, Convention, Hotel &/or Residence

Sea Freight International

Name of Service:               Explanation:
Consolidation:                         Our House Bill of Lading is provided
Direct:                                     Ocean carrier of your choice & their Bill of Lading is provided
Air Freight International

Name of Service:                           Time to Deliver:
Consolidation                                 Mostly in +/- 4 days to major airports worldwide (airline of our choice)
Direct                                             Airline of your choice
Express                                           As fast as it can reach to final destination from the pickup time.                
Professional & timely documentation is must in shipping
Banking                                  Letter of Credit, Draft & Others
Chamber                                Certification, Certificate of Origin
Consul                                    Legalization, Certification
Export                                     Regulations requirements, i.e. SED- (Shippers Export Declaration), Licenses
Import                                     Overseas countries regulations, SGS Inspections
Carrier                                    Air WayBill, Forwarder's Cargo Receipt etc.
Commodity                             Hazardous Cargo, Perishables etc.
Why should you choose AIR&SEAS for your needs?

Pickups/Delivery :  From/To Exhibition, Conventions, Hotel, Residence, Weekends or Holidays.
Either Inbound or Outbound :  Use us for both - your incoming or outgoing shipments.

Cut-Off Flexibility : Ship when you are ready, convenience of choosing the pickup/delivery time, late cut-offs, and
still be able to meet the deadlines and satisfy your customer. 24 hours accessibility, Weekends, Holidays, Regular
house pickup available (daily, weekly or specific days of the week).
Liability Terms for International : Best available liability coverage in the industry & lower insurance
Shipment Order : Same easy form for any service. Order service simply by Phone, Fax or Website.

Flexible Billing : Choice between Prepaid, Collect or Third Party Billing. Simplified rate Structure.
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