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Logistics Rep for Importers

  -  USA & EU Importers experience our logistics professionals managing their inbound sea shipments' complete
visibility from their suppliers, FOB origin services, international movement, destination & delivery to door for a
nominal fee.
  -  Services listed below can be utilized in part or full by a regular importer giving him many advantage & savings
of time & money

Carrier Choice

Shipments are arranged with the shipping line you prefer of with whom you have Service Contract. During peak
season, blocking space on carrier, using the influence to make the vessel desired. Last minute rush in facilitating
the load on board the vessel regardless if it requires all night stay at port.

Service Contract availability, maintenance & negotiation
Your Service Contract will be available over internet & data will be maintained to keep them current. We assist in
negotiation competitive rates from Shipper Lines and watch for GRI & Peak Season Surcharges applied by them.
You could review them via internet and check status of your lifting.

Internal Program Update
Your internal program can be updated daily with shipment status and/or emails will be sent to concerns.

Customs Broker Coordination
Your broker clearing goods will get complete documentation on time with shipment status information to enable
them to expedite customs clearance in time to avoid high demurrage & detention charge.

Supplier's Performance Coordination
Your supplier to perform, advance shipment reservations are made on carrier for the dates shipment can be
effected. Regular followup with supplier is kept abreast of production status. We consolidate shipments from
various suppliers at origin, collect documents, release of Forwarder's Cargo Receipt and arrange transportation
under your direction including loading containers for shipment.

Documentation Distribution
Shipment documents timely distribution to facilitate & expedite customs clearance, avoid demurrage and save
time. Post shipment documents until reached in right hands, the process is not complete the hindrance causes
last minute delays, costs & frustration.

Routing Interruptions
Experienced in making desired changes due to the delays in production or carrier such as arranging

Your Representation
Representing your interest from origin, with our selectively picked experienced counterparts at all major world
ports, we bring everybody in line to stream line the process which might otherwise cause delays & additional
unnecessary expenses in transportation. Our proactive actions saves your personnel's time, training & avoid
sleepless nights & learning by expensive mistakes. Our one person of contact in your time zone coordinate all
origin & destination requirements which saves your time, overseas calls, night sleeps & unnecessary frustration
between your personnel. We provide enough precautions & services to thrive meet your expectations to save you
enough cost to justify utilizing our services.

Besides above, our Licenses, Liability Insurance and performance Bonds with a reliable and establishment since
1987 is behind so that you could consider us an extension to your business.

Claim Processing
Determining the cause of damage, evaluation of responsibility and collection of appropriate documentation just to
process a claim filing requires experienced and knowledgeable staff. Our free consultation and option to let us file
a claim on your behalf for a fee itself is what every importer wish. We do involve Surveyor &/or professional law
firm under consent with you for Cargo &/or Liability claims.
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