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Transloading & Transhipment
Transloading allows for the customers to reduce their cost of using any freight services and also it improves flexibility and improves reliability within the supply chain too. Transloading is an operation of transferring cargo from one load unit to another; this is common in containerized transportation.

Transloading enables to reduce transportation and inventory costs through stripping the contents of load unit and stuffing it in another. Transloading means we handle customer's freight directly from one mode of transportation into another mode of transportation, this includes ocean, truck rail and air freight. We go beyond providing truck to rail, rail to truck and rail to barge transloading. Even in air and ocean shipping we have transloading services to the customer according to their needs. Our teams create solutions to meet customer's exact needs, which may include services like inventory management reporting, inventory sampling, inventory sampling and testing, forward positioning of inventory, heating, blending, sparging and rail logistics. We provide expert services to load customer's product from one mode of transportation to another, or into storage. One transload services are aimed at making sure the hand-offs between the truck, ocean, air and rail are seamless.

Transloading means we handle your freight directly from one mode of transportation into another mode of transportation. This could include rail, ocean, or truck.

We prepare all the necessary documents as well as do the appropriate arrangement with all associated parties to expedite release of cargo from agents at airport/port for incoming air and sea shipments, upon notifications of arrivals. Once the customs clearance is completed the cargo will be transported to the warehouse for temporary storage. Containerized cargo will also undergo the similar procedures. Upon trucking and unstuffing of the container, cargo will be stored in the warehouse before transshipment to the customer's final destination. Based on the customer's instruction, the cargo from overseas will be either air freighted or sea freighted to the customer's destination. We prepare all necessary documents and arrange to get the cargo on the way as soon as possible. We are involved in providing the best transshipment services. With the use of cutting-edge technology we render our services as per the customer's specific requirements. Our professionals also ensure that our services are cost-effective.

To maintain high quality and consistency, we charge modest prices for our wide line of transshipment services. We are having experts in handling different kinds of over-dimensional cargo by sea or air. Most care is taken while handling the projects for our clients. We can handle fragile and sensitive shipments. We are giving all types of ocean and air transshipping services. We are having both national and international familiar experts of customs and regulations of different countries on both imports and exports. Our communication channels are established in the entire world and we get timely alerts within our system for the delivery and track of the delivery. Each agent makes sure that the services requested are timely delivered.
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